Controlling Chaos

The Organized Havoc Syndicate

Organized Havoc was founded in 2017 with the goal of providing top tier service for creative teams, prioritizing improvements to quality of life not just monetary gain. By working with clients to identify areas of stress, enjoyment, and weakness it has made short and long term plans to enable partners to do their best work without killing themselves in the process. By working with a variety of teams and individuals the syndicate works to assemble and release industry trends, reports, and templates for better collaboration within their fields of expertise. 





George Rohac

Starting in high school assembling zines and buttons for friends, to publishing projects for groups of friends, George has a career spanning 20 years working to help creative people make projects and money easier. From overseeing hundreds of books through production and distribution, to working with merchandising partners, or setting short and long term cost analysis for projects, George has been through every step of the process. With over 50 crowdfunding campaigns personal overseen he has more experience than anyone. He is steadfastly dedicated to improving the quality of life for everyone he works with. 



M.A. Humanities and Social Thought, 2010
Thesis - Copyright and the Economy of Webcomics

B.A., Communications, 2008

Prior Affiliations

• Breadpig, Inc., Manager & Sidekick-for-Hire, 2013-2017
• What Pumpkin Studios, Director of Business Development, 2012-2014
• Oni Press, Director of Business Development, 2010-2013


Kickstarter Expert